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Modern Reflective

The name of this project comes from the highly reflective materials we chose to embrace the shape of the interior architecture. Shiny white glass floors with polished marble on every surface mirrors forest tones to ground the high functioning client's lifestyle. The clients wanted their new condo to look clean, feel clean and be clean without banishing a warm modern ambience. That is why we chose super strong and soft chenille fabric for the living room sofa in a grounding earthy tone as metallic turquoise. The bar stools are dressed in a cotton and linen combination fabric in an earthy beige tone to provide tailored elegance to that particular spot of the condo. We added custom hanging shelves in glass throughout the space for a modern airy feel. The windows are dressed with fun colors to celebrate all the sunshine coming in with the condo's extra large windows. 


Design and Decorating


Private Client



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