Hello, I am Edith. I was born in Miami Florida and grew up half in Fort Lee New Jersey as well as Miami. I went to school at the University of Art and Design.


I studied there for four years and received a bachelor of Fine Arts of Interior Design. I have worked, since graduating, at design firms that offer high end luxury residential interior design and healthcare commercial interior design.

Interior Design Service Includes:

Pre-Project: Determining the scope of project. Considering schedules and budgets.

Phase 1. Programming: A client-approved program illustrating facts about the objective. This phase of work is required before Schematics can begin. We determine needs such as what requirements have to be met, design concept, preliminary budgets, projected time schedules and written plan for action. 

Phase 2. Schematics Design: Developing the preliminary design and the projecting costs. Preparing and delivering drawings and other documents depicting the design concept, ideas, layouts and finishes to be used as solutions.

I created Eadgyth because I felt there was no growth for me while working at other firms. I started working for friends and family and these projects are a result of that.

I have also displayed works I completed at my University which I feel portrays my design aesthetic. Thank you and enjoy.

Phase 3. Design Development: Executed design detail is prepared for client approval. Budget is revised and design solution or concept is brought into scale.

Phase 4. Contract Documents: Requirements for interior construction and furnishings are documented for client's written approval. Contracted goods and services can be selected with the designer as well as bidding and procurement.

Phase 5. Contract Administration: The execution of the design plans, oversight of work performed by trades people, delivery and installation of goods.

Post Occupancy: The evaluation of the end results.