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Our design business domes our competitor's with our vitalizing style and words. Our brand name, Eadgyth, though goosey to pronounce, means choicest. What better understanding must inspire the physical uniqueness of a production to our client's interior designed requests? It is also rather, a treasured name during the early ages of English monarchy; meaning wealthiest royal women; pronounced Edith, which is also the name of our founder. 

Dear Reader,

Throughout my life, thankfully, I have met and seen many people. I love people and one thing that I appreciate the most at my job is the intention to receive and trust from an individual. I love when clients want to see and pursue their environment, newly bought home, new office space, lobby update etc. to an expert help person. I think that, alone, is so special because it is very human. We work, we play, we vacation, we build relationships, nurture families and of course rival and counterpart each other for many and all infinite reasons. 


I believe, one of the most pleasurable feelings we can give ourselves in life, has a lot to do with the interior design, dare I say it. If it wasn’t for people like myself who put a lot of thought and effort into things, we would have no fun creativity and probably never get to know each other on a deeper level.

We savour synchronizing androgynous shapes within an interior and match it to the mystique. We love extrapolating fantasies and yielding assemblages of building aesthetic and fashion decoration.

If not for that, what would we ever learn from one another? I think…not much. So, I give to you my time, my honesty, my diligence and myself in total for anything you may need that fits the work of my work. I wish you a fast and easy construction or decoration process with results that transform your beautiful environment for the upmost better. Thank you for being a part of my journey in Miami Florida and throughout. 


My warmest best,


Edith Victoria Vaca 

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